Now in Shops:  A cut and sew doll panel from Northcott fabrics featuring Barbara Lavallee artwork.  I designed the doll panel; Lavalle’s artwork was applied.  This fondly familiar face is sure to please us all!  The Quilts and Kuspuks fabric line will be available in your local retailers March 2023.  The following photos were taken in my Tenakee Springs studio.  The impatient doll (far left photo) is waiting as I tediously prepare samples for video taping purposes.  The other photo captures the dolls in their newly fashioned Kuspuks!  More to come later so stay tuned! If the doll is not available in a shop near you, visit

The panels will be ready for sale by the end of April. Kuspuks patterns are in stock. Fabric Shops, email me for pattern orders.

The YouTube instructional video will be posted by the end of April 2023.

Below you can check out the in-progress instructional slide show that I’m working on for the doll assembly. Videos will be available in April of 2023 as the fabric line launches.

Click here to view the in-progress PowerPoint PDF of Doll Panel Instructions

Follow this Link for a Free Pant Pattern (From RainTree Quilting). Or, download from here!

The Doll, patiently waiting for me to finish this project!
Northcott’s Barbara Lavallee doll. The panel for this doll will be available in shops spring of 2023

Download the PowerPoint Presentation of Doll Kuspuk Sewing Instructions.

A friend of mine, Debbie, and I worked together in my Juneau studio to make a doll Kuspuk for her grand daughter Alice!  I photographed the process and incorporated the photos into a PDF PowerPoint presentation.  This should enable even the novice sewist (sewing artist)!  I hope you find this beneficial!  P.S.  I created this presentation while traveling on the Alaska Marine Highway between Tenakee Springs and Juneau fall and early winter of 2015.  It took a couple of trips for me to finish the document.

In August of 2022 I finished editing the pattern to include a shirt version. It will be available to shops by September 2022. I’ll be adding a Pant Pattern as a download here in the fall of 2022.

18 inch doll Kuspuk Pattern Cover 2022 Image only (2)

The Friday’s Kuspuk for the 18″ Doll pattern became available in stores during July of 2015! It  was updated in August of 2022 to include the shirt version!  I am so excited about this pattern.  The pattern allows you to make a pullover Kuspuk for the favored 18″ doll and uses 3 fat quarters or 3/4 Yard!  The construction techniques are simple enough for a young sewist. Most garments for 18″ dolls utilize velcro.  This is much more user friendly and is very easy to put on the doll: No velcro, No zippers…..  just keeping it simple!  After all, sewing should be fun!


savanah hargraves doll kuspuk
Thanks to Savannah H. for sending me this pic.  Darling!
savanah hargraves doll2
Thank you Savannah for the photo of the process.
The Layout Process…
doll kuspuks
Two Cute…