Lydia’s older sister is featured on the cover of the Kuspuk Pattern for Children. She’s busily unaware that her mom is photographing her while she picks, and eats, blueberries! The fabric in the Kuspuk is from a Northcott Fabric Barbara Lavallee line that will be available in retail shops spring of 2023. I made this “sample” while preparing an instructional video.

This pattern contains 10 sizes ranging from 6 months to 12 years.  It features two pocket styles with paper space to design your own pockets.  The sewist may choose to craft a shorter, shirt version or a longer ruffled version!  Be sure to measure the shoulder to desired length prior to cutting your pattern for the shirt version!

All of the photos below are of Kuspuks while I was testing the pattern.  I created the “test” garments out of good fabrics; the actual sleeves were adjusted to be a little shorter…. after the test run….

finished cover for children's pattern
Child’s Kuspuk from Jodie’s Sewing Studio Patterns, Friday’s Kuspuks
A photo of an “in progress” 2T.  I drafted, sewed, fitted, adjusted, redrafted, sewed, fitted, adjusted….
Child Kuspuk size 2T from Jodie’s Sewing Studio Patterns.
6 month old in a Kuspuk made from a Jodie’s Sewing Studio Pattern.
Size 12 months
Size 2T
Sizes 6 and 8
A photo of 4 samples as I work out the details of the new pattern. Kuspuks for children sizes 6-8 months, 12 months, 2T and 6 are photographed here.