Welcome to Jodie’s Sewing Studio, home of Friday’s Kuspuk pattern.  This site is always in progress so (sew) hang in there with me… Winter is behind us and I’m busy reorganizing in the studio, deciding what to do next!   My primary focus during last fall was completing the children’s kuspuk pattern.  I had six grandchildren as models…. I chose this pattern as an adventure in learning CAD software!  I then directed my attention to Juneau’s Wearable Art show which took place on Valentine’s Weekend.  It’s April now and I’m still finding glitter!  Peruse through the sight and you will see photos of my entry, Legacy.


The Children’s Pattern  made it’s “debut” In Tenakee Springs and at Raintree Quilting the Friday following Thanksgiving of 2015.  The first hundred were hand folded and sold within days.  This has been a fabulous journey in pattern work.  Some artists capture glimpses of history through writing; I like to do it through flat pattern design.

finished cover for children's pattern
Jodie’s Sewing Study Kuspuk Pattern for Children

The Adult Pattern

The Friday’s Kuspuk Adult pattern hit the market during the first week of May in 2015.   It was quite a process and was fun too.  I tested the pattern extensively and am pleased how well the pieces work together.  There is much more information about this in the drop-down menu above.  Please select, “About Friday’s Kuspuk” to learn more.

The 12″ Doll Kuspuk pattern and 18″ doll patterns are available too.  You can locate the information for those patterns under the”Kuspuk drop down menu; click on 12″ Doll Kuspuk or 18″ doll pattern.  A PDF slide show of the 18″ doll construction process is now available as a free download on this site.  Color pictures certainly make instructions more user-friendly!  I’m almost done with the adult instructional slideshow…

Friday's Kuspuk Cover
Friday’s Kuspuk Pattern from Jodie’s Sewing Studio

photo of 18 inch pattern coverPhoto of Pattern cover for 12 inch doll kuspuk

What is Jodie’s Sewing Studio?

Jodie’s Sewing Studio is simply a room in my home where I create.  I experiment with creative techniques using a combination of state of the art equipment and antique…  I work with a variety of fabrics and embellishments.  I also operate a small home-based business here (in hopes to fund my creativity.)  Actually, the business kind of consumes my home!   I worked briefly in Fashion Design many years ago and was trained in flat pattern design and draping techniques.  I’ve recently returned to the art and am loving it.   I firmly believe sewing should be fun!  It is my desire to develop patterns and to create a website that will offer home sewers and sewists (sewing artists) the opportunity to improve their skills.  My sewing studio will soon be equipped with cameras and I will begin the process of developing short time-lapsed instructional videos for YouTube.  I hope to air the first videos in the winter of 2016.

What’s Next?

I focused on a wearable art project during the winter of 2015-16.  The gown is pictured below.  I plan to publish the fabulous hooded tunic that I’m wearing!  The draft pattern is ready…. I’m desiring to do this through CAD software though.  So, maybe by this next winter… At some point this year I hope to experiment with the creative assembly of knit fabrics, sort of rethinking how we use knits in clothing…. and, how we re-use knits for clothing…

Stay tuned!


YouTube of Wearable Art: Legacy

Did I say, “Sewing should be fun!”