Hi!  My name is Jodie.  I live in Juneau, Alaska and love it.  In short, I enjoy sewing, cooking, music, boating, fishing, hiking, gardening…. I purchased RainTree Quilting (a local fabric and sewing machine shop) in 2016. So…. sew….. my hobbies pretty much just include sewing right now…

I’m an “accomplished” seamstress with training and experience in garment and pattern design. I was a teacher by trade and learned more from the classroom than two degrees could offer me!  I had the great privilege of teaching high school and middle school students how to sew.  My philosophy was and still is, “sewing should be fun!”  In fact, I think learning should be fun!  People who enjoy what they are doing strive to improve!  I no longer teach in public schools but continue to teach adults and teens in small group settings.  I’m often heard saying, “you have to learn to love it before mastering it.”

My dream is to design and publish easy-to-use sewing patterns, patterns that inspire people to learn to sew.  I started with the Kuspuk simply because I love it so much and it is a local favorite.  Besides, kuspuks make me smile; they are like a blank canvas inviting the sewist to embellish to their desire!  I hope to offer a variety of  patterns in the future.  I currently have a pant and two tunic patterns drafted, just waiting for time….

Our store’s website is http://www.raintreequilting.com. Visit the website here! 

Naturally I offer lots of quilting cottons, which are great fabrics for Kuspuks, at my store.  I also offer linen and fabulous knits for garment work.   Support your local shop when you can.  If you don’t have a local shop, consider visiting my store’s website.  We are updating in inventory daily.

Julie Tran is wearing “Legacy.”  I’m standing to her right wearing a tunic I designed and made.  After all, If I wasn’t going to be on the runway I was at least going to “wear” something artistic!  I hope to publish the pattern for the tunic in the Fall of 2016.
“Legacy”  I designed this piece for Juneau’s Wearable Art Show 2016.  Please check the link below (2016 My Wearable Art Piece) for more information on the history of this piece and actual show footage.  I hope this is the beginning of a long journey of Wearable Art….

2016 My Wearable Art Piece YouTube Video

legacy mask
The mask I custom designed for my model.  I wrapped her face (except nose) with plastic wrap.  I then layered moistened plasterized gauze…. maybe more on this later.
I love “before” pictures!  This photo contains the supplies used to make “Legacy.”  The only item not included in the photo is the collection of organza fabrics used to create the flowers.  I hand died the fabrics, designed the flowers…. used heirloom buttons from my grandmother’s and great grandmother’s collections…
I’m standing to the left wearing a garment I created for my daughter’s wedding.  My daughter and I designed and made her gown.
This is a close up view of embellishment on a tunic I designed early in 2016.  I created a design in embroidery software then couched a variety of ribbons through a specially designed couching foot.  I then hand painted as desired….  I will eventually post more about these techniques later.  Note, this fabric was monochromatic and already textured.
Todd, my husband, and me
My husband, Todd, and I at our oldest son’s wedding…
jodie with halibut
Halibut, it’s what’s for dinner!